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Pieminister Pies

So, I don't normally do this. I'm not sure if that's on principal or because I rarely eat 'ready-made' stuff that surprises me this much. Lacking lunch inspiration this week, I grabbed a Pieminister pie from Sainsbury's and threw it in the oven expecting to be unimpressed. Well, humble pie for me. These guys know what they are doing when it comes to the art of proper pie. Mine was the Henny Penny, British free range chicken with mushrooms (porchini and field), white wine, cream and herbs. Ooh it was good. I made little 'mmm' noises eating it, the sort of noises I normally reserve for posh ice cream or fillet steak. I can't make pie better than this, my Mum can't make pie better than this (Sorry, Mum). I have not ever eaten pie better than this. AND IT CAME FROM THE CHILLER SECTION IN THE SUPERMARKET. My mind is blown. All I can say is that my politics lie with these guys, long may they reign.

They come in other enchanting flavours aside from my Henny Penny: Shamrock (steak and ale) Moo and Blue (steak and stilton) Heidi pie (goats cheese, sweet potato and veggies) and loads more. Check them out online, not only do they make serious pies but they are also all-round good people, and I like that.



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