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Frozen Blueberries in a White Chocolate Sauce

This pud is my adaptation of a Mark Hix classic that was once on the menu at the Ivy. I wonder how much they charged for it? It's the sexiest pudding ever and I cannot stress enough how easy it is to make!

I love it for two reasons; because it is beautiful, and because you don't have to think about it at all until you're ready to eat it. It's hardly cooking at all! You can knock it up in 5 minutes after your main course, whilst chatting to guests. I am amazed that something so sinfully easy can look and taste this good. You really want to serve it in pretty glasses to show it off a bit, because it definitely has the 'oooh' factor. If you've been searching for the perfect dessert to share with the girls on a night in, this is it. It's a small 'taste' of a pud, ideal after a big meal when you want a lick of something sweet but can't fit much more in!


About 300g frozen blueberries, or your favourite berry.
100g really good white chocolate - I use Green and Blacks white with Madagascan Vanilla.
100ml Double cream, (crème fraiche works too, but use a little less)
A fat strawberry per person, for decoration

Method, although not much of one:

For four people, you want to allow a small palmful of frozen berries each. You can use any type of berry really, or a bag of the frozen mixed summer fruits you can get in the supermarket. I just happen to think that blueberries work best because they freeze so well and don't go soggy. Divide the frozen berries between your serving glasses straight from the freezer. Doing this first allows them a few minutes defrost time so they soften just enough to let their flavour come through.

Break the chocolate into little pieces into a glass bowl. Add the cream, and place the bowl over a pan of simmering water. You don't want the water to touch the bottom of the bowl. Stir lazily until the chocolate has melted and you're left with a sauce. It will look too thin, but when you add it to the cold berries it will thicken in front of your eyes. Magic, no?

Pour your gorgeous sauce over the berries, pop a strawberry in each glass and serve, preparing yourself for ill-deserved compliments on your cooking mastery.


joy said...

wow, sounds great. now if only I hadn't just started on a diet . . . :(

Nimlet said...

Do the crème fraiche version, light and good for you cus of the fruit! There's only a little bit of chocolate :-)

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