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The Spit Roast Specialist

So I figured I am long overdue for a post about what it is I actually do when I'm not blogging or cooking stuff to blog about. Well, The Spit Roast Specialist is a big part of that. It's my Dad's business, a catering company that specialises in hog roasts and BBQs for weddings, parties and corporate events. I'm currently working for my Dad to learn the ropes, and it has been instrumental in turning my love for food into an all-out obsession. I am proud of the food we serve. It is so fantastic, so I'm going to use this entry to tell you a bit about what we do.

Based in Holsworthy but travelling the whole of the South-West to provide mobile hog roasts and barbecues, we have gained a reputation as a great family business that offers a fantastic range of services. The biggest part of that is the meat we serve. I firmly believe that it is the best you are going to find in this country unless you rear it yourself! Our pigs are old-fashioned breeds for the best flavour. They are outdoor-reared locally and slaughtered with the respect the deserve. We source them from a local butcher and family friend who prepares them for us at the cutting room on his property. We then take delivery of them on the morning of the job, putting them on the pole of the machine before transporting them to the event. They are then cooked at the venue on one of our fantastic spits. The spits really are something else. They are completely smoke free and safe to use indoors, meaning that your venue needn't limit your choices. A hog takes at least 5 hours to cook on the machine, resulting in the most tender meat and perfect crackling. One of our chefs will carve the meat once it's cooked and can serve on to platters or straight on to the plates of the guests as part of a running buffet - It's a great showpiece and looks FANTASTIC as you can see in the pictures. We serve it with fresh bread rolls, butter and homemade apple sauce. Delicious.

Aside from the famous hog roasts, we offer spit roasted suckling pig, wild boar, lamb, hogget and venison. You could instead book us for a BBQ, which is a fantastically laid-back way to feed a crowd and is really popular at relaxed, rustic weddings in the area. Our gas BBQ is 6 foot long so can easily feed a fair few hungry guests! We do spicy chicken, sweet and sour pork kebabs, highest-grade burgers, Scottish salmon steaks, local butchers sausages, spare ribs, and rump or sirloin steaks, cooked to taste of course!

Now to my part! As well as waitressing, wielding tongs and a basting brush and sorting out our marketing, I do the buffet that we can provide alongside a hog or BBQ. I make all the salads from scratch on the morning of the event (often that's a seriously early morning, as you can imagine if you have ever prepared 10 different salads for 200 people!) A lot of the salad recipes are my own and will turn up on this blog at varying points. I'm proud of them and put a lot of love into sourcing the best ingredients for them to make sure they taste as they should. My personal fave is the Italian pasta salad: penne, mozzarella pearls, black olives, cherry tomatoes and basil in a sundried tomato and extra virgin olive oil dressing, mmm. Potato salads and coleslaw are always huge crowd pleasers - I always make double and they always run out first so I have them down to a fine art now! The secret is a little plain yoghurt in with the mayo - stops it from being to cloying. Waldorf and Caesar salads are classics and always well received, as well as good old-fashioned basics like beetroot salads, tomato salads, and rice salads. A few exotic recipes I'm working on currently include some cous-cous variations, a Mexican style three-bean salad and my glorious canteloupe and parma ham salad, served with goats cheese, dark leaves and a lemon, honey and balsamic dressing. YUM.

So that's a little overview of the business. If you check back regularly I'm sure more entries about it will pop up. Wedding season is upon us and along with the ususal madness and mayhem and great foodie anecdotes!

PS: If you fancy booking us, have a look at our website: http://www.thespitroastspecialist.co.uk/


mazface said...

Ahh mate we are so going to have to get your dad to cater for our one-day-when-we-get-engaged-possibly-someday-wedding (you'll be too busy at the bar to help out, sorry!). Seriously, we were only talking about how we want to do a hog roast about 2 hours ago! :D

Nimlet said...

Absolutely! That'd be fab :-) They are perfect for weddings and far less poncy than crazy expensive sit down meals that are always shite cus how can you serve 200 little plated arrangements at the same time and keep them warm? You can't!

Let me know if you have any questions about it or want a quote. And yes, we'll get you a different waitress for that day! xx

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