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Peach Melba Ice Cream

Another peach melba recipe from Good Food online, and my first ever attempt at ice cream. I want to get more practice in with ice cream making, as with an ice cream maker it's really not as hard as I thought it would be. The only problem I had with this was rippling the raspberry puree through. Mine mixed as opposed to rippled, leaving me with very, very pink ice cream! It was very pretty but looked nothing like the picture. It did taste beautiful though, really fresh and not too sweet.
I think the mistake I made was allowing the peach cream to freeze a little too much before rippling the raspberry through. It's all a learning curve!

Peach Melba Ice Cream

Grab 6 very ripe peaches
6 tbsp icing sugar
300g raspberries
400ml double cream, very softly whipped.

Makes 1.5 litres

Feel free to halve this if your ice cream maker is smaller. Ours is only 1.1l, and the recipe worked fine with a smaller amount. You can pick up ice cream makers really cheaply now (ours was a fiver from a carboot!) Amazon do new ones for £19ish. I think they are a really good investment as you can make the most of cheap fruit in season, and get really creative with your flavours. Anything that stops us eating too much fatty, processed ice cream is a good thing too, no? Although, I'm not going to be too precious, I know as well as you that there are times when only Ben and Jerry's will cut it.

Anyway, onto the recipe;

Peel, stone and whizz your peaches to a puree with 2 tbsp icing sugar using a food processor. Set aside and move onto the raspberries. Whizz in your (rinsed out!) food processor with 4 tbsp icing sugar and pass the puree through a sieve to get rid of the seeds.

Stir the peach puree into your softly whipped cream, and pour into an ice cream maker and allow to churn until nearly frozen. Then transfer the peach cream into a freezer-suitable container and ripple through your raspberry puree. Freeze until needed.

You can serve this on its own as I did if you like. it was the perfect foil after a meal of roast lamb and summer veg, cutting through the rich lamb, and not overloading our already groaning stomachs. It would be lovely with some shortbread, or as part of an eton mess style pudding with some bashed up meringues and more fresh fruit. Nothing's stopping you going old school and making an epic knickerbocker glory, or grabbing a retro cone and slurping happily!


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