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A Summer Salad

A flash make-ahead starter, or a great main to eat outside with rounds of ciabatta on nights where it's too hot to cook. You might want to serve yours in something slightly classier than plastic bowls with a french fry print, but clearly I'm not going to judge! This is also amazing with quartered fresh figs instead of canteloupe, but only if you can get them in their short season which is September - October.
This makes two big main course salads for two, or a good-size starter for 4

For the salad, you'll need:
A small canteloupe melon. Give it a good grope for freshness. It should give slightly to a push with your thumb and smell like summer. If yours doesn't, find something else to eat and leave in in a paper bag on your window sill for a day or two, this salad is a disappointment if the melon is under ripe.
A bag of those ubiquitous and overpriced mixed leaves. Pick something with lots of dark and red leaves, an Italian-style bistro mix would be a good choice.
4 slices good quality Parma ham

For the dressing:
1 or two fresh lemons
Roughly a scant tbsp of fragrant runny honey
A dash of balsamic vinegar

Divide the leaves between your serving bowls, and then set to the melon. Half, remove the skin and seeds and chop into forkable chunks before adding to the leaves. Tear your Parma ham and strew it artfully around the bowls.

Salad dressing is personal, so I'll just advise you to add and taste until you have an amount and a flavour that you like. Squeeze and strain your fresh lemon juice and the add honey to taste before adding a little balsamic. You'll only need a dash. If you don't fancy it, by all means leave it out, but I felt the dressing tasted a bit too much like a cold and flu remedy without it!

Drizzle over the dressing and serve, preferably not in plastic bowls...!


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Nice recipe..its really hot here in India
and i will try it out!!

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