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My lovely friend Stef gave me a box of chocolates the other day. You know how sometimes someone will hand you a pretty box and thinking it's jewelry you get all excited and rip it open to discover it's just some crappy chocolates and you're really a bit disappointed? Well these are WAY better than jewelry.

They are from Chocoholics in Hurst, but you can order them from www.chocolates-for-chocoholics.co.uk

Stef gave me the Britain's Finest collection which comes in a beautiful box and contains THE prettiest chocolates I have seen outside of Michel Cluizel in Paris. The chocolate is great quality (I am fussy) and the flavours unusual. I haven't finished them yet, but the stand-outs so far are a gorgeous Amaretto truffle topped with a teeny Amaretti biscuit, and the white chocolate Marc de Champagne truffle studded with strawberry pieces. The salt caramel was an experience. I don't know if I am into the whole salt-caramel thing, but this one was certainly the way to try it. Thick, not-too-sweet caramel in milk chocolate, studded with rock salt.

I have been on the Chocoholics website for 20 minutes now and I want pretty much everything on there. They are far superior quality than any commercial chocolates I've tried, and about half the price. What's not to love?

Thank you, lovely friend Stef.


joyknitt said...

make the most of chocolate while you can - I put 2 inches on my hips just looking at the pictures lol xx

Nimlet said...

Oh but it's worth it! :-) xx

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