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Chicken Caesar Salad

I didn't do much cooking this weekend, but on Saturday night I did gather the energy to throw together a quick salad. I am totally in love with this salad actually, it was one of the first meals I ever prepared and my version has spawned lots Caesar-converts. I used to make it in the middle of the night after a pub session, creeping down to the veg patch to pick a lettuce.
My version will ruffle purist feathers. It is not at all authentic, I chuck a handful of cooled cooked pasta in because I always worry about it being 'just a salad' and people going hungry. You won't, you will be stuffed. I keep doing it though because pasta with Caesar dressing is bloody lovely. I don't even make my own dressing (I have a total aversion to anchovies). My favourite is the low-fat fresh version from Sainsburys, it has a yellow label, you'll find it with the bags of salad leaves, and, incidentally, the garlic and cheese croutons which I also don't make. I'll be honest, this is a lazy meal and the joy of it is through chucking everything in a bowl and getting it down your neck in 10 minutes flat. I make no apologies. This is fantastic on uncomfortably hot summer days, eaten in the garden with a massive glass of too-cold white wine. Steviant loves it, and that's good enough for me.

For two, you'll need:

1 large chicken breast, grilled and shredded (I use my George Forman, but you can use your oven-grill, BBQ or griddle pan)
2 Cos lettuce, chopped washed really well and spun dry.
A large handful of croutons, make your own or use your favourite
Parmesan cheese, shaved
A good commercial Caesar dressing
A handful of cooked penne pasta

Right. Chuck lettuce in your serving bowl. Add shredded chicken, pasta, croutons and parmesan. Anoint liberally with dressing. Toss. Eat. Got that?


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